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Goose Goose Duck Roles Guide (Updated)

It's time to be the best Goose you can be, or unleash your inner murderous Duck. Play with Roles in this social deduction game to spice it up and have entirely different objectives!

It's time to work together to complete your mission... or completely sabotage it. Goose Goose Duck has been popping off. Geese do tasks, while the Ducks pretend to do so, seeking to murder other Geese; change things up with special Roles.

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The Roles can give a Goose special powers, but the same goes for the evil Ducks. Neutral Goose roles are unique, and they win by completing their own objectives. They can be a lot of fun to play!

Goose Roles in Goose Goose Duck (Good)

Goose Goose Duck Roles

The host can adjust all the roles in this menu, by clicking on the tab, above. The roles have difficulty grades with them, in stars 1-3. Simply check the mark to have a role be randomly assigned to a player at the start of each game. Add them slowly and experiment with your group to get the right feel for better games.

Some Goose Goose Duck roles appear only on certain stages. This is because the stage features vary, some don't have prisons, and only certain types of Sabotage, etc.

Adventurer: You are immune to Duck sabotages that could directly affect you and kill you.

Astral: You can send your spirit through walls to scout out areas. Or witness murder.

Avenger: Witnessing a murder temporarily allows you to kill. Make sure to hit the right target!

Birdwatcher: Gain the ability to see through walls and see slightly further that others.

Bodyguard: Protect your assigned target, which the Hitman Duck is trying to kill for a bonus. This role is toggled together with Hitman.

Canadian: Your death will be reported automatically 1 second after you get killed. Or swallowed. This can catch the killer off-guard.

Celebrity: All other Geese are alerted when you die. Like you're famous or something.

Detective: You can investigate birds to see if they committed murder this round. Can't know before they killed!

Engineer: The minimap will show where the Ducks called a Sabotage, approximately. You can also use vents temporarily.

Gravy: Completing tasks earns you lots of silver if you survive, but you also increase your bounty. The killer will get it they kill you, but they can only do it if you're alone.

Locksmith: You can open the jail door without finding a key/keycard. Jails are only on certain stages, like Goosechapel.

Lover: You're bonded with another player and must win with your partner surviving (who can totally be a Duck!) If one dies, the other does as well.

Orta: You can see the ghosts of murdered players.

Mimic: Other Ducks see you as another Duck. In addition, other Ducks can kill each other.

Mortician: You can investigate corpses to find out their roles. This information will show up for you during meetings.

Politician: You always win in voting ties, and you can't be sent to jail. Political immunity.

Sheriff: You can kill, but killing another Goose will kill you at the same time as well. Common conclusion when two bodies are right next to each other if this role is enabled.

Stalker: You are able to track one player. An arrow will point to them.

Street Urchin: You can unlock door locks from the inside of a room.

Tracker: You can see where other players are located outside when a sandstorm occurs.

Vigilante: Kill once per game. Be careful, don't kill one of the good ones!

Duck Roles (Evil) in Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck voting

Assassin: Twice per game, you can kill someone by guessing their role correctly in a meeting. If you are wrong, you will die instead. Better be sure!

Cannibal: Once per game, you can eat a dead body to make the evidence disappear. Permanently.

Demolitionist: Birds can share bombs and pass them to each other to find out who explodes in the end.

Esper: Instead of killing, you kill someone overtime from a distance, and talk to them too. Creepy, but fun?

Hitman: Kill your assigned target for a bonus. The Bodyguard tries to protect the same target.

Identity Thief: You turn into the birds that you kill, which lasts until the next meeting.

Invisibility: You can temporarily turn invisible, but you can't see other players during that.

Lover: As a Duck, don't kill the player you're bonded with. If they die, you die as well. Both must stay alive to win.

Morphling: You can morph into players after "sampling" them.

Ninja: You can kill two birds in your range with the downside of a high cooldown. The cooldown goes faster when in the fog.

Party: You can give other birds a high-pitched voice during meetings. It's super fun.

Professional: The bodies you leave will be invisible, but auto-reported if another Goose gets close to it.

Serial Killer: Kill your target to decrease your murder cooldown. Killing those who aren't your target increases it instead.

Silencer: You can mute other players during meetings, but you are unable to use vents.

Snitch: You can send a bird to jail if you are the only one to vote that bird.

Spy: If you're the only voter for one player, their role will be revealed to you. Vote on someone totally unsuspected!

Undertaker: You can drag bodies to hide them! You will move at a reduced speed.

Warlock: The Warlock brings locusts into a room instead of using regular Sabotages. These locusts kill Birds if they remain in the room after the process is completed.

Neutral Goose Roles in Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck neutral roles

Not: Just like with the Geese, some roles are only available on certain stages!

The neutral birds win the game if they complete their condition. They aren't teamed up with anyone, not even other neutrals. Your tasks will be fake. You can perform tasks even if they are fake, which can help with lying (gasp).

Dodo: If you get voted out during the meeting, you win. Don't be obvious about trying to get voted out! For the most part, try to play normally. You can put yourself in trouble, but don't do anything that looks like you're obviously trying to get voted out.

Dueling Dodos: You only win when you are voted out after the other Dodo dies. First, finish off your tasks, and then you'll have the ability to eliminate your rival.

Falcon: Win as the last survivor by killing everyone or simply surviving. You can't vote during meetings.

Pelican: Win as the last survivor by swallowing everyone or simply surviving. Instead of killing, you swallow players and they die when a meeting is called.

If you get killed, they are released. Also, the victims can talk to you and each other while inside your belly! Other players can't hear that.

Pigeon: Your goal is to infect every player in a single round. If you do, you win.

Vulture: Eat a certain number of corpses in a match to win. When players die, you will get an arrow pointing to their location, so get on it!

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