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Among Us: How To Play The Impostor

If you've been selected as an impostor, here's how you can play the role to the best of your ability.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may currently be one of the hottest games around, but InnerSloth's Among Us is the game that'll make you distrust your friends and their loyalty. Trust us.

This multiplayer games pits you against your friends as you're all tasked with repairing a base in the future, with several characters tasked with murdering their teammates instead. The mastermind behind eliminating teammates? That's the impostor.

You won't know who the impostor is right away, of course. You can only speak to other teammates during certain moments (the "Discussion" phase), where everyone has a chance at pleading their case, accusing others, and saving themselves from being kicked off of the base.

If you get to play this role, however, you're going to need to know how to approach it so you're not immediately found out. Here are some tips on how to play the impostor in Among Us.

How to Play the Impostor in Among Us

The impostors in a game of Among Us, revealed for the traitors they are.Kaynak: InnerSloth

First of all, you're going to need to understand that you're essentially the "bad guy" in Among Us as the impostor. You need to make sure everyone gets killed off (besides other impostors), so you'll have to stay sharp and do whatever it takes to remain concealed.

No impostor worth their salt ever tried to run in, guns blazing, and expect to perform well without a modicum of knowledge about the map. Learn about all the ways you can fast travel throughout a level and what sort of escape routes you have. Move over to a crewmate, kill them, and scurry away before you're seen. Do this enough times, and you'll be totally golden.

Be prepared to look as though you're actually doing some sort of job. You can't actually do any tasks since impostors aren't allowed, but you can certainly pretend. Stand near a panel and pretend you're actually working on something important – you know, like you probably do at work. We kid. This can make it seem like you're just another average worker drone, trying to make it through...when you're plotting murder. No one will suspect a thing.

A group of crewmates work to decipher who the traitor is among them.Kaynak: InnerSloth

You'll also want to try and limit your extraneous speech while hobnobbing a bit with players. Don't talk too much, but just enough to make it seem like you're playing along. With that in mind, don't spearhead any witch hunts. If players blame someone, go along with them. Don't stray from the group. Majority rules here, and you'll want to blend in to keep the tea away from you.

In the end, you'll need to become impeccably good at lying, even if you're as altruistic as they come. The impostor role isn't for everyone, that's for sure, but if you put enough work into it, you'll find it's challenging and rewarding in ways you may not have expected.

Good luck deceiving everyone!

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