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This New TKL Keyboard is Water-Resistant and Affordable

Check out the new Apex 3 TKL, a full-fledged water-resistant TKL gaming keyboard with SteelSeries' cutting-edge technology in a compact form factor and budget price.

The best budget gaming keyboard is now available in a TKL version. The new Apex 3 TKL has all the same great features as the Apex 3 – just in a more compact esports form factor.

The Apex 3 TKL gaming keyboard is the first ever water resistant TKL keyboard. It also has the premium features of a serious gaming keyboard like a compact streamlined tenkeyless form factor, whisper quiet gaming switches that provide comfortable low friction performance for over 20 million keypresses, gaming-grade anti-ghosting so you never miss a keystroke, and brilliant PrismSync RGB lighting.

Get the full details:

The first water-resistant TKL keyboard

Spills happen. No worries. The Apex 3 TKL provides players with IP32 water and dust resistance for protection against spills. It accounts for wear and tear by arming players with a tough, durable keyboard and aids in preventing damage from liquids and dust particles, so you can continue to play no matter what happens to your keyboard. water drops on the Apex 3 TKL

Espor şampiyonlarının form faktörü

Purpose-built for the needs of serious players and featuring a sleek, streamlined silhouette, the TKL design is the most popular form factor used by esports pros, enabling gamers to position the keyboard for both maximized in-game performance and comfort. Without the ten-key numpad, you have more space for large mouse swipes and it allows for better ergonomics while gaming. TKL keyboard on a desk

Whisper quiet switches

Keyboards can be so loud your teammates can hear your keystrokes over the microphone. The new Whisper Quiet gaming switches are designed with durable low friction material for near silent use and guaranteed performance for over 20 million keypresses. keyboard switches

Oyun Sınıfı Gölgelenme Önleyici

In the heat of battle, you can’t afford to lose even one input. Advanced anti-ghosting technology allows you to game with confidence with the Apex 3 TKL. En sık kullanılan oyun tuşlarındaki gölgelenme önleyici sayesinde, ışık hızındaki her tuş basışınız mükemmel biçimde kaydedilecektir. anti-ghosting

Özel Multimedya Kontrolleri.

Stay focused on what’s important by not having to tab out to adjust settings. A clickable volume roller adjusts volume without having to look. Media keys help you to easily adjust your settings and media on the fly, instead of searching through applications and settings. Tek bir düğmeye dokunarak parlaklığı değiştirin, geri sarın, atlayın veya duraklatın. Apex 3 TKL controls

Kusursuz PrismSync Aydınlatma

Redesigned lighting provides 8 zones of 16.8 million beautifully crisp colors that can synchronize with other SteelSeries products. Choose from millions of colors and effects from reactive lighting to interactive lightshows that bring RGB to the next level. And use our Engine software to configure brilliant lighting effects when specific game events happen. RGB keyboard lights

The Apex 3 TKL comes in at $44,99 making it our most affordable full-fledged keyboard. And it's available in several language layouts. Shop now to go smaller and hype your swipe.

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