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Blade & Soul's Dawn of Darkness (Shrouded Ajanara solo dungeon) Update Guide and Free Item Giveaways

A brand new solo dungeon, more events, accessories, and quality of life improvements are coming to Blade & Soul.

Check your clients now; as of August 10th, 22 players can already begin their journey into the newest Blade & Soul dungeon, Shrouded Ajanara, and test their skills in this challenging training session to master their skills against the powers of the Dark Realm.

The Dawn of Darkness is upon us, and along with it, a slew of new content. Here's how to get the leg up on everyone else.

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Shrouded Ajanara solo dungeon location and tips

Blade & Soul Shrouded Ajanara

In this new solo dungeon, Grandmaster Nayul has invited you to join him for his training at the Ajanara Monastery. When you two meet he reveals to you that he has been sensing a shift in the realm that may endanger everyone. Is it possible that the Dark Lord is trying to break through the Dark Realm and return?

To find the Shrouded Ajanara dungeon, venture to the Solak zone. Then head to the Ajanara Monastery. The entrance to the dungeon is in a building on the north side.

Our recommendation is to start this solo dungeon on Easy difficulty, just to get the bearings on the challenges. You need to pay attention to Grandmaster Nayul's movements and his tales to do well. Then increase the difficulty to Normal or Hard to get better rewards from Shrouded Ajanara.

Rewards include three new accesesories, including the Dawnbright Mystic Badge & Amulet. Trade for these at the Ajanara Monastery Merchant Songhyun. You can also obtain the new Heart Tier, Zealous, by evolving an Allegiant Heart for 30 Gold and 18 Bound Sterling Crystals.

Frozen Vipercap Cavern event

Blade & Soul Frozen Vipercap Cavern

This event features a cave full of mushrooms. Inside, you need to reach the Giant Golden Vipercap boss as quickly as you can. The faster you clear it, the greater the rewards. You can also get the new accessories from this event.

You can access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern event in one of two ways: press the Quest key (default J) and look at the "Silverfrost Mountains" letter or use the Cross-Server Lobby (press F8) to find a team.

Quality of life improvements

Blade & Soul

You'll feel a lot less pressure on the Daily Challenges from now on. The rest rewards accumulate for two days now.

Certain items now will have a new multi-item use window, which will make it more convenient to spend certain consumables.

This content update also adds the World Chat, which is a server-wide communication channel, which will make it easier to find players for parties.

Lastly, Blade & Soul is running a promotion from August 10th through the 17th: purchase an NCoin™ in the Hongmoon Store or via the website to receive up to 3 Bonus Bundles per account. Bundles include an Elite Hongmoon Gilded Pnetagonal Gem Selection Voucher.

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