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Diablo IV Expansion Wish List

News about the Diablo IV expansion came relatively quick after release. While we don't know much yet, we can speculate and daydream about a couple.

We know a few details about the upcoming Diablo IV expansion, which is approaching pretty soon. If you think this is fast, just remember that Lord of Destruction arrived pretty much a year after Diablo II. I'm sorry that your knees are cranky now if you remember that.

5. Continuation of Story

I don't know about most people, but I actually quite enjoyed the campaign of DIV. Maybe I wasn't totally taken by Neyrelle, but I think she shows promise. The twists and turns of the campaign kept me engaged.

I think Blizzard has a great chance to hit home run with this next one. I have a feeling this campaign will end similarly to Diablo II, with a portal to Hell, setting up the next expansion as the fight with Diablo.

During the Blizzcon presentation, the develepers mentioned that the Horadrim are "famously" bad at resisting the influence of Prime Evils, and that no one has truly been able to achieve it. Well, I believe Neyrelle will be the first one to do it. And that's enough for me.

Honestly, Mephisto might make a more daunting villain than Lilith.

4. Compelling New Class

Diablo IV Paladin new class

The next class is a big question mark. Blizzard revealed that it will be something we haven't seen before, so say goodbye to Paladin/Crusader. As we know we'll be in Zakarum, who could it be... Priest of Zakarum? Horadrim Sage? There were leaks about some kind of Spirtborn, but that sounds pretty close to Druid.

As the trailer implies, the Light will be a lot more thematic with this expansion. I think it's time we received someone who employs it in their fights. It would be good to see someone with auras or more supportive abilities, too, for diversity. I'd expect some kind of twist on Paladin, to be honest.

3. More Abilities

Diablo IV Talents

I'm feeling every class is going to get a few more abilities, active and passive ones. There's absolutely a couple more I want to see. Where's my cold Meteor? Maybe another trap for the Rogue? Freezing Trap? They could use one more Cold skill.

The build diversity in Diablo IV is a bit low still, with most people gravitating toward the most efficient thing (like Ball Lightning Sorceress). Hopefully, we can get a few more fun options in the future.

2. Itemization Rework

Diablo IV itemization

Blizzard has already mentioned that they're starting to work on this, but I wouldn't be surprised if we'd have to wait all the way for the expansion rather than a season (it would be a big selling point!). Just like with Reaper of Souls in Diablo III, Loot 2,0 was a huge deal that revitalized the game. We're hoping for the same with Diablo IV, as there are a few issues (which, thankfully, the devs are completely aware of and are listening to the feddback).

We know that there are too many complex affixes that are too situational to be good to use; comparing items is insanely tedious, and lastly, I think that the game started to drop so many Legendaries that even those feel like trash. They're so random and usually so bad that it has completely devalued their status as a tier.

High hopes for this one as it will be a huge deal for Diablo IV.

1. Actual Endgame and World Tier V

Diablo IV World Tier

Even on World Tier IV, the game is just way too easy. With Seasonal Powers in the mix, faster leveling, and easy events, outdoor content has lost any challenge. Even at World Tier IV, I tear through monsters with such ease, there's literally zero challenge or meaning to it. Other than specific challenges or Nightmare Dungeons, there's nothing tough or scary out there in the world, unless you're trying to rush the Tiers.

Just like Diablo III added higher and higher Torment levels, seems the same fate is bound for Diablo IV. It feels like a higher tier is needed in order to make the outdoor content at least somewhat challenging. Tearing through everything is fun, but it shouldn't be so easy it's practically meaningless. Other than doing various activities, it still feels like the endgame is pretty thin.

Diablo IV Expansion Release Date

Currently, we know that the Diablo IV expansion will come out near the end of 2024. We will most likely know more by summer of 2024. It would be expected to be released around Blizzcon 2024.

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