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Everything to Know About Humankind

Get to know the 4X strategy game Humankind ahead of its release.

If you're a fan of 4X strategy games like Civilization 6 or titles of that ilk, you should absolutely have Amplitude Studio's upcoming Humankind on your radar. It's a massive title that's about descend on the masses, and if you're interested at all in building up eras of humanity or experiencing a new game along the same vein of an old favorite, you're going to want to make sure you get your hands on it. That's why we want to make sure you're well-informed ahead of Humankind's debut on August 17. Take a look at what it has on offer and see if it tickles your fancy, and get ready to start playing around with the annals of human history from the comfort of your own living room.

How does Humankind play?

A look at some of the cultures you can expect to see in Humankind.Kaynak: Sega

If you're familiar with the Civilization series, you'll find a lot of nods to those games here. If you aren't, think of Humankind as a strategy game where you're meant to develop a culture from throughout human history throughout various eras and over the course of several years. You'll watch things change, based on your culture, your neighboring countries and civilizations, and even where you're based in the world. It's your job to control and evolve your society and culture into something that will ultimately last, starting from the prehistoric era where you establish your culture and grow from there all the way throughout a more modern timeframe, where you choose cultures to retain and grow with, and shape the cities you want to build from there. It truly represents a melting pot, the way you must mix different people and units together to make something unique. There will be plenty of granular settings and options was well, so you can make your society in each era your own.

Can you make your own characters?

A look at some of the characters you'll find in Humankind.Kaynak: Sega

Yes, absolutely! You're creating your own culture in Humankind, so you can create your own custom character, which is something that might delight players who otherwise wouldn't have been interested without that custom element. That means you can create your own character with custom looks, stats, and everything else you might want to change. It's not immediately obvious how much you can edit your character, but if it's going to be as detailed as the rest of the game, you'll likely get a chance to change quite a bit. This means you get more of a personalized element to the game, which might let you lead a group of people as yourself -- and that's going to do wonders for your ego, obviously.

How do you claim victory?

The typical game board you'll see when getting into the nitty-gritty in Humankind.Kaynak: Sega

Humankind isn't really about "winning", so much as it emerging with a culture that will have influenced the world. In Humankind, that's measured through "Fame," which your character will earn throughout the course of the game. From building cities and structures your culture sorely needs to defeating enemies, your character will become more famous a time goes by. You can earn a total of 21 stars for the fame stat per era, and 126 total by the end of each eras. Earn 7 in each era to move forward and find your character earning notoriety and importance. That means you need to be an enviable leader throughout all history rather than just here and there, so you'll have to actually pay attention to what your people need.

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