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Glory Stories: MMORPG Week

When months of griding finally get you that mount, when you finally defeat that raid boss, or when you meet your new best friend -- here are some awesome memories from our community.

This summer, we're celebrating all gamers. We've launched our Game On campaign, and over the next 12 weeks, we will spotlight all kinds of game genres. Alongside that, we're giving away millions of free game codes for virtual goodies. Whatever game you play, we want to play it, too.

We've spotlighted the MMORPG genre this week. From the many islands of Azeroth to the dragon-filled realm of Neverwinter, many of us loved getting lost in these virtual worlds. For many gamers, their avatars feel like their true selves, and the friends they've made are comrades for life. Many of you have found lifelong friendships in your guilds or even partners for life.

With that in mind, we want to connect closer with our community. Through our social media channels, such as the SteelSeries Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we've asked you for your favorite memories involving MMORPG games. We've picked our favorites to spotlight for Glory Stories.

Kara_p4t3l: Found a friend from trial WoW. Now playing since 6 years together ♥.

MMORPG Glory Story

From Nigelnickoei

Orimaster: Got arrested by Dwarf Police in Stormwind in WoW while fishing in the canals.

MMORPG Glory Story

From j.wolens

LEEMO__: I played a lot of WoW with my dad growing up. So one day when we were playing my dad went to the bathroom, so I took his character to the top of a cliff, took off all his armour off and made him dance. When my dad got back he instinctively pressed W walked off the cliff and died.

MMORPG Glory Story

From Medinaa14_

Charziken #RESPAWNRecruits: I’ll never forget the day I completed my first Oryx 3 in Realm of the Mad God. A boss that was difficult to practice due to the time requirements to even face him. On top of the permadeath mechanic, the feeling of my first complete can’t be beat. Nor my heart rate at the end.

TALON | AVANTE11: best personal memory was earning my first raid title and mount back in 2009 playing WoW WoTLK. Rolling off against 9 other players for a black drake; winning it and screaming out loud that I woke my neighbors at 4AM

MMORPG Glory Story

From Markodeganic

RAIBot01: I remember playing EverQuest on PS2. I had to buy the online connector and pay $9,99 each month to play the game :D Would stay up to until 3-4 in the morning. Great game.

What are my favorite MMORPG memories? It's hard to pick, but I've played World of Warcraft for years with my brother. We started our journey as early as Burning Crusade, really enjoyed Wrath of the Lich King, and currenly play in a guild, Absolute, in Shadowlands. Defeating Sire Denathrius in Heroic Castle of Nathria was definitely a memorable achievement!

Remember, we've got tons of codes for MMORPG games to giveaway, and keep coming back every week as we celebrate other genres! Game On!

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