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Glory Stories - Open World Week

Sandbox and open world games are immensely popular -- let's see what are the favorite memories submitted by our community!

Whether it's Minecraft, Terraria, Roblox, Valheim, or any other triple-A open world adventure, we all have that special sandbox game in our hearts. Which one is the best though? Let's see what your Glory Stories are in this weekly installment of our Game On campaign!

Through our social media channels, such as the SteelSeries Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we've asked you for your favorite memories from Battle Royale games. We've picked our favorites to spotlight for Glory Stories. Game On!


From @luke.dott

We've gotten many Minecraft submissions, as this game definitely brings out a lot of emotion.

Need for Speed Most Wanted.

From @zub4ru

Most Wanted was a pivotal game in the franchise, and it really opened up the world of the games.


From @shadow_vader12

Those free trial days!

Cyberpunk 2077.

From @ovxrxnd

We out here living in the future.


From @pxtric.k

Trolls are definitely really scary in that game. If you're having trouble with the basics, check out our Valheim guides.


From @_michal.bucek_

I love Terraria! Beating bosses gives such a sense of accomplishment in that game.

Pixel Gun 3D.

From @misiek_sobolewski

No, I definitely don't remember this one. I guess I'm not an OG.

Remember, we've got tons of codes to giveaway, so keep coming back every week as we celebrate other genres! Game On!

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