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Hades: How to Catch Fish

Fishing in Hades is simple once you learn how to do it. The trick is to know the exact cue to look and listen for, and then reel in your line as instantly as possible. Here's all the info you'll need to be a fishing guru on your next runthrough:

How to start fishing in Hades

You can purchase the "Rod of Fishing" at home from the House Contractor next to Hades once you have met certain criteria listed below. It costs 1 Diamond and will probably be one of your first diamond purchases.

(Hint: get your first diamond by defeating the Hydra with any weapon for the first time)

If you don't see the fishing rod for sale, make sure you have done the following:

  • Reached the Temple of Styx (4th zone)
  • Entered a Fountain Chamber in Tartarus (1st zone)
  • Unlocked the list of "Fated List of Minor Prophecies" from the House Contractor

Once you own the Rod of Fishing, it unlocks the ability to fish, so you don't need to equip or activate it in any way.

Look and listen for fishing spots

After you clear all of the enemies from a room and pick up your reward, listen for a glass-like ding / ping / chime sound. The first few times I heard this, I thought it was someone's phone or a Windows notification sound. Zagreus will sometimes make a comment about a fish, but not always.

Keep your ears open for the ping even in non-combat rooms like the Store.

If you are worried that you missed the sound, you can also circle the room and check the edge of any water for the animated bright white shiny effect:

Hades level with a fishing spot in the blood water

Not: Only rooms with liquid (water, blood, lava) can spawn fishing spots.

How to catch a fish

Interact with the fishing spot that you found. Zagreus will cast his line onto the spot. The important thing to remember is DO NOT hit the interact button as soon as you see the lure move. This will result in a failed catch, since you tried to reel it in too early.

Instead, you'll need to wait until the lure is pulled hard under the water. There are 2 key clues:

  • The lure will make a distinct liquidy "bloop" sound
  • A subtle flash of light will eminate from the lure

As soon as you see/hear either of these cues, smash the interact button as fast as you can. I find the easiest method is to focus my vision away from the lure (as not to be tempted when it moves), and just wait for the flash of light in my peripheral vision.

According to the Hades Gamepedia, your reward will be better based on how quickly you reacted to your lure:

Perfect: Less than 0,34 second

  • Guaranteed to catch a Rare fish
  • 5% chance to catch a Legendary fish

Normal Catch: 0,34 second to 1,0 second

  • 5% chance to catch a Rare fish

Failed Catch: Too early, or after 1 second

  • No fish for you :(

You can see the library of catchable fish sorted by location and rarity on the Hades Gamepedia.

How common are fishing spots?

Finding a fishing spot is not very common unless you have certain upgrades. These include:

  • A random legendary boon from Poseidon ("Huge Catch") that significantly increases your chances of finding a fishing spot
  • Well of Charon buff ensuring a fishing spot

On a run without any fishing-increasing upgrades, I might run in to 1 or 2 fishing spots before completing the run. The chance of finding a spot in Tartarus is higher than the other zones, and Chaos is the least likely.

Where can you fish?

Fish can spawn in all areas during your escape attempt, and even in Chaos' room, although this is rare. Each area (including Chaos and Greece) has it's own unique fish that can only be caught in that area.

The only place you don't need to worry about fishing spots is at home.

What to do with your fish

Take your catches to the Lounge at home and give them to the Chef for rewards including Gemstones, Cthonic Keys, Nectar, Darkness, Diamonds, Ambrosia, and Titan Blood.

Don't delay turning in your fish! They disappear after 1 additional run, so you can finish your run and do another, but then you need to use them or lose them!

I hope this helps you get off to a strong fishing start in Hades! Good luck, and don't forget to pet Cerebus.

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