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How to be a murderous Duck in Goose Goose Duck

Learn how to be the best conniving, murdering Duck without your friends ever suspecting you.

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game where you and other geese must work together to complete a mission. However, not everyone is on the same page... some of your friends are ducks who are trying to sabotage and murder the geese!

Playing Goose Goose Duck to win means you need to play all your cards. But let’s be honest, anyone can play cards… but not everyone can play them right. Here are some tips that will help you murder your bird friends, but please note: you will initiate trust issues. READ WITH CAUTION.

Goose Goose Duck Squad

1. Act normal.

You don’t want to win an Oscar here. Don’t over play your acting cards. Just be as chill as a cucumber and be normal. Hang around people and engage with regular conversations. Throw a few topics of discussion. A good example would be why you don’t trust X individual. You want the homicidal vibe to be lifted from you and target on someone else. In the end, though, remember that you have to act, because doing nothing is not good in the long run. The fewer players active, the fewer players on you.

2. Ask people for help on how to perform a chore.

This is where keeping your cool is important. Act oblivious to what is happening around you and ask for help. If people help you with a chore and believe you, then it means your cover is on point. Murder them after they help you.

3. Chase someone around telling them you are going to murder them, and let others hear you.

Telling someone you are going to purposely murder will protect you from people believing you are the actual murdering Duck. Why on earth would someone want to put the spotlight on them? You, that’s who. Because you are a cool, collected Bird with a Masters in Reverse Psychology.

4. Always with a group. Never alone.

Hang around a group of 3 birds or more and be vigilant. Once someone chooses to depart, be quick, chase, and kill. Return to the party with an excuse of not understanding a task. Alternatively, follow someone who's very talkative and willing to have your back if you're with them enough.

5. Cover each other’s lies.

Let me drop an example here. I was walking around with a murdering Duck colleague of mine the other day and a 3rd innocent goose showed up. My Duck colleague immediately called for a meeting to report that we just saw the innocent goose vent in front of us. I backed him up. The poor little goose was kicked. Support the lies of other murdering individuals.

6. Kill someone and report the murder.

Why would the murdered report his own murdering? Blame someone else :D, or better yet, offer no information whatsoever and claim ignorance. There's a free kill.

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