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How to Heal and Revive Characters in Genshin Impact

Food isn't the only way to heal and revive your fallen characters in Genshin Impact, and you definitely don't need to spend money collecting, cooking, and buying food as your only way of restoring health. Here's all the ways to get your characters back into fighting shape:

Heal and revive at Statues of the Seven

The most effective way to heal your entire party is using the "Statue's Blessing" at any Statue of the Seven located around the map. You can teleport to any that you have already discovered.

Arrow pointing to the Statue of the Seven in "Windrise" in Genshin Impact's in-game minimap

  • The statue will automatically heal your party when you stand near it
  • It even revives fallen characters, so you don't need to eat your revive foods
  • Check how much healing power that the statue has left by interacting with it (1 point = 1HP)
  • The statues regain their power over time (you don't need to be logged in)
  • You can even teleport to statues when you're in combat in the world.
  • All statues share restorative power, so you cannot use different statues for additional healing if they reach 0
  • Unless your party is frequently wiping, the restorative power of the statues is a free and effective way to heal; they should be your main source of healing while playing Genshin Impact

Statue of the Seven "Restorative Power: 30000/30000" menu in Genshin Impact

Heal and revive using food (consumables)

Food serves as both potions, revives, and buffs in Genshin Impact, and an important gameplay mechanic.

You can eat food at any time (including mid-battle), but your characters can only eat restorative food a few times before they become "full", so you cannot spam too much food on your characters.

Party food fullness meter in Genshin ImpactBennett gonna barf.

Food can also revive fallen characters. Any food items with the "wings" symbol will rez a fallen character. There is a 2 minute cooldown on using any of these foods, so you can only revive 1 character with food every 2 minutes.

Food items in Genshin Impact inventory menu marked with a wings symbolHey, are you dead? Eat this kebab.

Heal and revive using characters

Several characters have HP-restoring abilities and passives, including:

  • Barbara* (Hydro)
  • Jean (Anemo)
  • Noelle (Geo)
  • Qiqi* (Cryo)
  • Diona (Cryo)
  • Bennett (Pyro)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)

*Both Barbara and Qiqi also have the ability to revive characters when they reach max Constellation level.

Barbara from Genshin Impact smilingBarbara can rez party members, but only if you feed her 6 other Barbaras first. What a Barbara-ian.

Healers are a core part of any party setup in Genshin Impact. Be sure to carefully read each character's Talents and Constellation upgrades to understand how their healing works.

Heal using artifacts and weapons

Certain artifacts and weapons have healing effects that will heal your characters.

For example, the Traveling Doctor artifact 4-piece bonus is a 20% heal every time you use your Elemental Burst, and the Adventurer artifact 4-piece bonus is a 30% heal when you open a chest.

Weapons can have healing properties too, like the Traveler's Handy Sword, which restores 1,75% HP when you collect an Elemental Orb or Particle.

Heal by leveling up

When a character levels up, they recieve a full heal, which is good to keep in mind if you're in a pinch and need a quick heal (as long as your character is not at a level cap).

Leveling up a fallen character will not revive them though, so be sure to use a revival food on them first!

In short, utilize shrines for free healing whenever you can! Otherwise, food, abilities, artifacts, weapons, and leveling up will keep you alive. Bol şans!

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