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How Shops Work in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

Shops can be a confusing part of the new Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Here's how to approach using them.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game can be quite the daunting game. It requires plenty of grinding, lightning-fast reflexes, and a willingness to replay a few sections sometimes to progress. It's an old-school throwback that feels just like the arcade games we grew up enjoying when we were kids. Unfortunately, that also means it has plenty of things you've got to look at a little closer before understanding completely, as the game won't spell it out for you.

Part of figuring out how to use all of your resources in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game means learning how to use the shops. Scattered throughout each level, shops can be a bit difficult to find, but they're always teeming with items to help you along your journey. If you're curious about how you can utilize shops to help you become a melee master and super bad brawler, read on for tips on how shops work in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

How to use shops

Scott stands on front of one of the many shops in the game waiting to go inside.Kaynak: Ubisoft

Shops are locations that you can enter in the middle of each level in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. You can walk in anytime you like and buy items. The items offer permanent stat boosts and other buffs that you can purchase with the coins you earn as you bust enemies up through each level. There is no information on what each item will give you before you purchase it, but once you've done so, you can see what kind of stats it might offer you, from more XP to better HP.

Unless you want to continually grind through each level over and over, you will undoubteldy need to use shops to your advantage. They will mean the difference between potentially frustrating levels and breezing through them without having to worry about redoing them after falling victim to more powerful enemies.

Shop guide - Level 1

One of the many storefronts in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The GameKaynak: Ubisoft

Since there's no information in-game on what shop items do or what you can get at each shop before you go in, we've put together a quick reference guide on what you can get from each shop. This should act as a valuable reference on what's available and how it can help you move through the game.

No Account Video

This is the first shop you'll come across. It may seem unassuming, but you'll definitely want to make a note of it. You can skip buying the items here your first time in, but note Scott's late fees. Save up your hard-earned cash to pay this off as soon as humanly possible to unlock one of the only places in the game that you can buy more 1Up items for additional lives. You can keep coming back for more as you see fit.

Shop Items

  • The Mystical Head ($4,95)- Extra life
  • Seven Shaolin Masters ($4,95)- 100 XP, 10 STR, 10 DEF, 10 WP, 10 SPD
  • Aliens vs. T-Rex ($4,95)- 20 STR
  • Alone and Disturbed ($4,95)- 1.500 XP
  • I Love Your Boyfriend ($4,95)- 320 XP, 15 DEF, 15 WP
  • Scott's late fees ($504,25)- Pay this off for better items later.

Delicious Cup

You can take these food items with you, but they're all quite unremarkable, except for the Coffee or Espresso, which will offer a temporary speed boost that might help you with more difficult segments, especially when it comes to more difficult enemies.

Shop Items

  • Coffee ($1,60)- 15 HP. 10 Guts, 1 XP, Hyper Buff
  • Espresso ($1,60)- 25 HP, 20 XP, Hyper
  • Hot Chocolate ($2,50)- 40 HP, 20 Guts, 10 XP
  • Iced Latte ($3,75)- 56 HP, 16 Guts, 2 XP, 1 DEF

Dee's Tex Mex

You can get some decent amounts of Guts here, so it's recommended stop in when you need some more points to pull off special moods. The fajitas are the way to go and are fairly inexpensive for the payoff they provide.

Shop Items

  • Nachos ($7,75)- 80 HP, 80 Guts, 10 XP, 1 STR
  • Tacos ($9,85)- 100 HP, 100 Guts, 5 XP, 3 SPD
  • Burrito Grande ($11,25)- 120 HP, 105 Guts, 20 XP, 3 DEF
  • Quesadilla ($13,50)- 135 HP, 135 Guts, 25 XP, 4 STR
  • Fajitas ($17,95)- 180 HP, 180 Guts, 30 XP, 5 WP

Scott hangs out in Wallace's Mystery Shop, full of weird curios.Kaynak: Ubisoft


These smaller, portable snacks can be taken with you. They offer modest pick-me-ups and are relatively inexpensive. The Energy Drink is a great way to enact the Hyper buff while restoring HP.

Shop Items

  • Chewing Gum ($0,95)- 30 HP, 5 XP
  • Chocolate Bar ($1,25)- 25 HP, 5 Guts
  • Cola ($1,80)- 55 HP, 5 Guts, 5 XP
  • Grape Juice ($2,25)- 55 HP, 10 Guts, 5 XP
  • Energy Drink ($2,95)- 64 HP, 16 Guts, Hyper

Sushi Bar

Some of the sushi dishes contain a wide variety of buffs, such as the Rainbow Maki. Not only does it offer HP, Guts, and XP, it also offers important boosts to STR, DEF, WP, and SPD.

Shop Items

  • Avocado Hasamaki ($2,50)- 5 HP, 20 Guts, 15 XP, 1 SPD
  • Salmon Nigiri ($3,85)- 35 HP, 20 XP, 1 STR
  • Ikura Don ($4,60)- 50 HP, 25 XP, 2 DEF
  • Rainbow Maki ($8,75)- 60 HP, 30 Guts, 39 XP, 1 STR, 1 DEF, 1 WP, 1 SPD

Shock Wave Record

The record store is great for stocking up and raising your Guts. Every purchase offers a decent amount for an affordable price. Plus, the Kupek is a multifaceted treat much like the Rainbow Roll at the sushi restaurant that offers multiple buffs.

Shop Items

  • The Clash at Demonhead ($14,95)- 64 Guts, 64 XP, 8 WP
  • Smashing Turnips ($16,95)- 64 Guts, 64 XP, 8 STR
  • Crash and the Boys ($14,95)- 64 Guts, 64 XP, 8 SPD
  • Winifred Hailey ($15,95)- 64 Guts, 64 XP, 8 SPD
  • Kupek ($14,95)- 40 Guts, 40 XP, 2 STR, 2 DEF, 2 WP, 2 SPD

Flatiron Books

Buying books here is a great idea to help up your XP. One book alone can give you 350 XP, and it's not very expensive. Stock up on it when you can and you'll be on your way to leveling up fast.

Shop Items

  • Lost at Sea ($11,95)- 350 XP
  • Vegan Cookbook ($22,95)- 230 XP, 10 DEF
  • Get Rich Now! ($19,95)- 230 XP, 10 SPD
  • How to Study Hard ($20,95)- 230 XP, 10 WP
  • 101 Push-Ups ($24,95)- 230 XP, 10 STR

Wallace's Mystery Shop

All of Wallace's items are pricey, but they offer special stats and boosts. If you never paid off Scott's rental fees, you can pick up an extra life here for a pretty penny, but it's worth it if you haven't done so yet.

Shop Items

  • Tialoc's Feast ($49,95)- Extra life
  • Ambrosia ($59,95)- 200 HP, 200 Guts, 1.200 XP
  • Bionic Arm ($129,95)- 50 STR
  • Never-ending Fantasy ($119,95)- 30 Guts, 30 DEF, 30 WP
  • Speedy the Porcupine ($109,95)- 50 SPD

Shop guide - Levels 2 - 7

Another secret shop to spend your hard-earned coins at when you locate it.Kaynak: Ubisoft

There are additional shops in Levels 2 through 7 that you won't want to miss out on. Here's what to expect from those locations.

Fancy Chip Wagon

These to-go snacks are a little on the cheaper side, and thus offer meager amounts of HP, Guts, XP, and various additional stats. It's a good way to get you going if you need a little pick-me-up.

Shop Items

  • French Fries ($1,80)- 35 HP, 15 XP
  • Poutine ($3,50)- 40 HP, 5 Guts, 25 XP, 1 DEF
  • European Hot Dog ($3,80)- 45 HP, 5 Guts, 30 XP, 1 WP
  • Buffalo Burger ($5,80)- 55 HP, 20 Guts, 55 XP, 1 STR
  • Croque Monseur ($6,50)- 55 HP, 20 Guts, 55 XP, 2 SPD

Shop guide - Level 3

Leo's Place

Leo's Place has snacks and beverages perfect for attending concerts. They won't offer a huge bump in stats, but if you want a quick replenishment, grab the Carbonated Water or Potato Chips for an easy HP boost when out defeating enemies.

Shop Items

  • Carbonated Water ($0,60)- 25 HP
  • Potato Chips ($0,95)- 30 HP
  • Wristband ($6,95)- 2 DF, 3 WP
  • Hipster Cap ($15,95)- 6 DEF, 7 WP
  • Concert T-Shirt ($19,95)- 8 DEF, 8 WP

Shop guide - Level 4

The Frying Tengu

The Frying Tengu is teeming with some delicious Japanese delicacies, and a particularly useful dish: Kushiyaki Moriawase, which contains a massive amount of HP and Guts and assorted stats for a song. It's well worth returning here to cheaply boost your stats.

Shop Items

  • Ramen ($5,95)- 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, 2 SPD
  • Udon ($5,95)- 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, 2 WP
  • Tempura Vegetables ($5,95)- 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, 2 DEF
  • Tempura Shrimp ($5,95)- 40 HP, 40 Guts, 32 XP, 2 STR
  • Kushiyaki Moriawase ($14,95)- 100 HP, 100 Guts, 64 XP, 3 STR, 3 DEF

Shop guide - Level 5

Scott's Dad's BBQ

Scott's dad is making some tasty items over here in this modest shop. You can skip the beverage and typical BBQ fare, but splurge on the Filet Mignon, which offers meaty boosts to HP and Guts with a medley of additional stats to go along with it.

Shop Items

  • Iced Tea ($0,95)- 30 HP, 5 Guts
  • Tropical Punch ($2,25)- 45 HP, 15 Guts, 10 XP
  • Kebab ($4,95)- 50 HP, 10 XP, 2 STR
  • Hamburger ($4,95)- 55 HP, 10 XP, 1 STR, 1 DEF
  • Filet Mignon ($18,95)- 200 HP, 200 Guts, 15 XP, 2 STR, 3 WP

Shop guide - Level 6

Mobile's Secret House

This secret shop has an incredibly useful item: Special Training, which will give you Tech Attack 2. You don't have to grind or level up for it. It's just unlocked when you take on this item. That alone makes this shop worth finding.

Shop Items

  • Herbal Tea ($1,60)- 20 HP, 1 XP, 1 WP
  • Wild Blueberries ($2,95)- 40 HP, 90 Guts, 1 DEF
  • Ginko Biloba ($9,95)- 90 HP, 90 Guts, 4 DEF, 4 WP
  • Sauteed Shiitake ($9,95)- 30 HP, 20 Guts, 4 DEF, 4 WP
  • Special Training ($57,50)- Receive Tech Attack 2

Shop guide - Level 7

Techno Shack

Given that this is the last shop before the game's final battle, it's best to pick up an Energy Tank before heading into the fight. The rest of the items are a bit so-so, depending on what stats you still need boosting.

Shop Items

  • Food Pill ($2,50)- 30 HP, 30 Guts
  • Beef Jerky ($2,95)- 40 HP, 30 Guts
  • Energy Tank ($3,95)- 100 HP
  • Microwave Chicken ($3,95)- 30 HP, 30 Guts, 1 STR
  • Fighting Software ($24,95)- 4 STR, 4 DEF, 4 WP, 4 SPD

Now you should be privy to all the shop information in the game! Get out there and defeat those seven evil exes!

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