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How To Make a Pickaxe in Valheim

One of the most important steps in learning how to play Valheim is protecting yourself. Here's how to make a pickaxe.

Valheim is an austere game with challenges aplenty. If you're not trying to figure out where you want to make a structure to live in, you're forced to find ways to defend yourself from the beasts that want to devour you. It's a tough world out there, so make sure you're prepared.

One of the best ways you can do this is by crafting a weapon that you'll be able to use for fights and to gather items with. Here's how you can make a pickaxe in Valheim.

How to make a pickaxe

A character using an Antler Pickaxe in Valheim.Kaynak: Iron Gate AB

Get the Antler Pickaxe blueprint

When you're just starting off in Valheim, your best option in terms of pickaxes is making one with the materials you get from the first boss: Eikthyr. This is the quickest and easiest way to ensuring you've got a tool to protect yourself with. After defeating Eikthyr, you'll receive the blueprint for the Antler Pickaxe. Eikthyr will also drop the Hard Antler item you need to craft your pickaxe, too, three of them to be exact. That means if you have issues with one pickaxe, you shouldn't have issues making another one later one.

Antler Pickaxe required materials

The Antler Pickaxe requires only rudimentary materials. If you want to craft it, head to the nearest workbench and make sure you have these ingredients in tow:

  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Hard Antler

You should already have the Hard Antler from your fight with Eikthyr. Wood is extremely easy to find. Just get to digging around on the ground between branches, trees and stumps, and areas where Greydwarves have been slain. It's always good to have plenty on your person, just in case, so make sure you have enough on you to make several items.

The character in Valheim crafting at a work bench.Kaynak: Iron Gate AB

How to use the pickaxe

When you crate the Antler Pickaxe, you can use it to both defend yourself and mine basic crafting materials. Once you unlock bigger, better blueprints later on, you can even upgrade to a different type and strength of pickaxe. That means staying vigilant and keeping an eye open for different blueprints later on.

With the Antler Pickaxe, you can protect yourself from oncoming threats to survive longer in Valheim. You can also start collecting Tin and Iron, important metals for just about every basic recipe in Valheim.

Protect yourself and craft items with your newfound pickaxe, and the game will start opening up for you tremendously. The most important aspect of Valheim is survival, after all, and once you equip yourself with the items you need to stay safe and gather materials, you'll be living longer and seeing more of what the game has to offer. And in the end, that's part of why you're playing after all, right?

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