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OG: The Road to The International 10

Team OG are the first back-to-back two-time reigning champions of The Dota 2 International, as well as longtime SteelSeries fans, and official partners of ours since 2019.

OG became the first team in Dota 2 history to win four Dota Major Championships. In August 2018, OG became the first team to win The International Dota 2 Championships from the open qualifiers. In August 2019, they became the first team to win more than one TI by winning TI9, also becoming the first back-to-back TI winners in the history of the game.

OG winning in 2019

This year, they're going for their third-straight win, and we’re pumped and primed to see them ascend to make TI history. It’s time to get to know OG and take a look at what’s brought them here to face off against other talented Dota 2 players, as well as their status as a valued member of the SteelSeries family.

The team

The current OG Roster competing at Bucharest this year is comprised of Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, Sébastien "Ceb" Debs, Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan, Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen, Martin "Saksa" Sazdov, and Titouan "Sockshka" Merloz.

How did they get here?

OG had a bit of a complicated road to TI 10, but in the end, the team found itself qualified in July 2021 for the massive event. All it took was defeating Tundra Esports 3-2 in the European qualifiers, which sealed the deal for the team.

It's been a long road to TI 10, especially after OG's Jesse "JerAX" Vainikka retired from professional Dota 2 play in 2020, followed by the departure of Anathan "ana' Pham in 2021, who too stepped away from competitive Dota 2 play.

Now, the team's roster looks a lot like it did in 2018, as it picked up players like Ceb just weeks before the final qualifier and before OG went on to win everything in 2018's tournament. And even with new team members and a bit of a shaky start, OG is going strong once more, on the path to a historic potential win.

What to watch for at The International 10

OG are verifiably fan-favorites when it comes to TI 10. As the defending champions, they'll bring their unique play styles to the game and put them to the test against rivals Evil Geniuses (EG), one of the most formidable team throughout the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. This rivalry will be one to keep an eye on, especially given OG's more chaotic play style. We’ll also be watching them fight tooth and nail to secure a third victory, which will make for a historic endgame.

And consider this: the OG team's members are so dedicated to pursuing victory that not even surgery can stop them. Not long ago, Ceb found himself down and out with an eye condition that required immediate treatment. He was flown to France for surgery, which went well, and then spent a period of time resting. Ceb (quite shockingly) insisted he was good to go ahead and play in the tournament. This is just one part of what makes OG such an indelible team, with victory in their crosshairs.

OG winning in 2019

The SteelSeries setup

OG is an exciting team to follow because of their dogged determination and unique, exciting play styles. Of course, with some of the members playing even after undergoing surgery and the team's overall grassroots approach, they embody the SteelSeries spirit, especially when it comes to seeking out glory.

But what kind of SteelSeries products have fueled their victories? Ceb is a fan of the Sensei mouse, which he won his first TI with, as well as the Sensei Ten, a mouse he loves and uses daily.

Johan uses the Rival 310 (and used it to secure a victory in 2019) while still keeping it in rotation to this day. Though many of the players change out their mice often, they're all a fan of the same mousepad: the QcK Plus, QcK XXL, and the QcK Heavy, especially when a table isn't 100% flat -- always an important factor to consider.

In terms of keyboards, some members like the Apex Pro keyboard and others the Apex Pro TKL, as certain players prefer the numpad while others don't.

Best of luck to OG as they work to sweep their way through The International 10 in Bucharest. We can't wait to see which team emerges victorious, because this year's going to be a particularly exciting competition. Here’s to whomever manages to raise the Aegis of Champions once more!

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