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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC: All Billy and O'Nare Locations

It’s a treasure hunt for riches!

The new DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Teal Mask, introduces two eccentric billionaire NPCs named Billy and O'Nare whom you need to chase across the Kitakami and Paldea regions in order to get rewards that will help you restore the Loyal Monument and obtain the flashy Jinbei outfit. Your mission is to track their whereabouts across various locations, occasionally battling them along the way. Successfully locating Billy and O'Nare on this hunt for riches in the DLC will provide you with the funds you need to unlock the Loyal Monument's secrets and expand your avatar's customization options!

Location #1: Apple Hills In Kitakami

Pokemon Teal Mask Apple Hills.

The wealthy NPCs Billy and O'Nare can first be found overlooking the rice paddies along Kitakami Road in the Apple Hills area near Mossui Town. To locate them, take the west exit from Mossui Town and follow the cliffside path until you spot two characters wearing flashy pure gold outfits — that's Billy and O'Nare. Approach them here for your first battle and chance to claim some of their riches.

However, the elusive billionaires will quickly move on to their next destination after this initial encounter. Be prepared to continue tracking their movements around the regions if you want to fully restore the Loyal Monument and get the Jinbei clothing reward.

Reward: 17.420 Prize Money

Location #2: Fury Falls In Paldea

Pokemon DLC Fury Falls Map.

After first finding Billy and O'Nare in Apple Hills, the billionaire NPCs will mention heading to a waterfall next, which is specifically Fury Falls. Go to Fury Falls and look for the duo dressed in gold overlooking the falls from one of the high ridges. After speaking to them, Billy and O'Nare will quickly depart Fury Falls for their next stop after you encounter them above the cascading waterfall.

Reward: 15 Big Pearls

Location #3: South Province Area In Paldea

South Province Pokemon Teal Mask.

The next stop in the search for Billy and O'Nare is a remote ridge bordering Area One and Area Five. To find them, fly to Los Platos first and then travel east to reach the ridge overlooking a single tree where the billionaires will be waiting in their gold outfits again. Interact with them at this isolated location for your next shot at securing more of their money. However, per their pattern, Billy and O'Nare will quickly leave this remote ridge after you show up, necessitating continued tracking of their movements.

Reward: 15 Nuggets

Location #4: Apple Hills In Kitakami (Again)

Apple Hills Pokemon Scarlet Violet Map.

The billionaires indicate they are headed back near the Apple Hills orchards where you originally found them on Kitakami. Scout the south section of the apple orchard and look on the paths between the tree patches to spot the duo in their gold outfits again. Interact with Billy and O'Nare here to battle them once more and claim more funds!

Reward: 17.720 Prize Money

Location #5: Casseroya Lake in Paldea

Casseroya Lake Paldea Pokemon map.

The next destination for Billy and O'Nare is the southernmost island in the middle of Paldea's Casseroya Lake, as shown on the provided map. Fast travel first to the Casseroya Watchtower overlooking the lake, then head to the island to find the billionaires in their signature gold outfits again. Interact with them here for your next battle opportunity to get more funds from the duo.

Reward: 10 Big Pearls

Location #6: Glasseo Mountain in Paldea

Glasseo Mountain Map Pokemon Scarlet.

The next location to find Billy and O'Nare is the snowy peak of Glaseado Mountain in northern Paldea, just west of the river flowing down the mountain. Their gold outfits will be noticeable against the white snowy backdrop. Trek up and locate the billionaires here for your next chance to battle them and add to your riches.

Reward: 10 Big Nuggets

Location #7: Area Zero Mountain in Paldea

Area Zero Mountain Pokemon map.

The final location to find Billy and O'Nare is at the summit of Paldea's Great Crater. You can take the long hike from Gate Zero or fast travel to the South Province Pokemon Center then climb up the interior of the crater for the quickest route. Scan the peak to locate the billionaires in their gold outfits one last time for your final battle opportunity to secure all their remaining riches.

Successfully tracking the duo to the Great Crater peak will provide the last funds required to fully restore the Loyal Monument and complete your DLC mission!

Reward: 35.052 Prize Money, 25 Big Nuggets, Glitterati Rotom Case, and “Oh No!” Character Emote

Completing the Loyalty Plaza Drive

Loyalty Plaza Drive Pokemon reward.

Congratulations, you've successfully tracked down Billy and O'Nare across Paldea and secured all the rewards and Prize Money from the billionaire bounty hunt! After collecting this immense wealth, head to the local shopkeeper in Kitakami and sell your haul to earn over 1.000.000 Pokedollars.

With this fortune in hand, find the Caretaker in Kitakami and donate the full 1.000.000 to restore the broken Loyal Monument shrine. As a reward for your restoration efforts, you'll finally obtain the exclusive Flashy Festival Jinbei clothing item and "Hurray!" Emote. Display your hard-earned Jinbei with pride and use the cheerful emote to celebrate completing this lucrative DLC quest!

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