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SteelSeries Stratus Duo Now Works with Google Chromebook

The SteelSeries controller, known for great versatility across Android™ and Windows platforms, is now certified by Google for seamless Chromebook compatibility.

Gaming on the go used to mean you were relegated to clunky hardware and a limited number of games. Today, you can take your favorite titles on the hardware you love, as well as the perfect accessories, with you anywhere you go.

Our Stratus Duo controller brings the freedom and ease of wireless gaming to Android-powered mobile devices, plus it seamlessly pairs with Windows PCs. Now we're happy to share the news that it's compatible with Chromebook as well.

Chromebooks may make working faster and more efficient, but they aren't relegated to taking care of business. They're also perfect for gaming. When it's time to get down to some serious play, you can rely on Chromebooks to handle your favorite adventures, from Call of Duty to Valorant. Whether you're rocking the latest Android game or your favorite PC titles, Chromebooks can help you get your game on with support for downloaded titles and NVIDIA's GeForce NOW platform.

Fire up your favorite game via web app, Android app, or even remotely. You can choose from popular browser games, cloud gaming services like Google Stadia, or your favorite app-based titles, just like those you have on your phone. Chromebooks are as versatile as they come, which means you don't have to compromise or wait until you get home to game with your buddies. And the Stratus Duo makes things even easier as the perfect Chromebook companion.

Stratus Duo

With high-performance joysticks and triggers for faster and more effective input, using the Stratus Duo is a dream compared to traditional touchscreens or a cheap controller. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery also serves up a massive 20+ hours of juice, so you can easily and confidently jump into your favorite game and play wherever you are.

Plus, with the flip of a switch, you can swap to the Stratus Duo's Bluetooth wireless mode for flawless gaming on Android mobile devices as well. You don't even have to worry about additional apps or software—it just works. Alternatively, swap it to 2.4GHz wireless mode for painless gaming on Windows, along with over 5.000 controller-enabled games on Steam. Wherever you plan on gaming, the Stratus Duo has you covered.

Pick up your own Stratus Duo today to game your way on a beautifully portable Chromebook, because you never know when the urge to level up will strike.

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