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Get Started Right with Tales of Arise Beginner’s Tips

Don't spam the same attacks and don.

Tales of Arise is the latest addition to the long-running Tales role-playing series. Set in the medieval world of Dahna and more advanced world of Rena, it follows a Dahnan man named Alphen and a Renan woman with strange powers who works with him in a bid to take out the Lords of Dahna and Rena before they become the Renan Sovereign, a powerful being. It's a lengthy, engaging narrative that's rife with plenty of exciting fights, challenging dungeons, and memorable characters. If you're a veteran Tales player, you'll feel right at home. And if you're just getting into the series, there's a lot to love. We've put together a guide of beginner's tips to help you "rise" (get it?) above the rest.

Change the combat difficulty

Sometimes, battle can be hard to deal with. That's totally normal, and if you're having trouble, you might be glad to know you can actually change it. If you want to lower the difficulty and go into battle again to see if it's more your speed, you can head into the System menu in the Main Menu and lower the difficulty. This way, you can still enjoy the game's

Get into a combat rhythm

You can time dodges, boosts, and attacks accordingly in combat. This is not a "mash buttons" type of game. As such, you'll need to work your hardest at learning battle cadence and attacking and blocking effectively. Doing this will help fill up your Artes Gauge so you can unleash powerful attacks and level your opponents before they even know what hit them. This is an integral part of the game that you'll need to get used to quickly.

Alter your AI companions

You can make changes to how the game handles the AI for companions and how they handle behavior during matches, or when using Artes. This is done in the Strategy menu, and allows you to tweak the things your characters will do for you and by your side when the computer is controlling them. You can change when they'll use healing skills or supportive Artes to make battles a bit of a simpler affair, and this might in turn help you with some of the more difficult segments.

Give up on spamming attacks

You might be tempted to let loose the same attacks over and over again in a bid to clear the battlefield of enemies. But if you do that, you'll actually be doing yourself a disservice. If you use the same Artes over and over again, you'll actually make it less effective. Use a variety of Artes instead of the same ones over and over again to do the most damage possible.

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