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The Best Hardware Settings for CS2

Counter-Strike 2 is here, and we have a few tips to make the grind to rank up a little easier.

Are you ready to grind and rank up in Counter-Strike 2? We are here to help. Here are a few quick tips that will help you make that grind a little easier. First up, let's talk mouse and keyboard.

Optimizing Your Mouse for CS2

Quick tip: Map mouse button 4 to Melee and button 5 to Flashbang.

Aerox 3 configuration screen in GG engine

Your mouse is how you aim and look around in CS2 (like we need to tell you that). The Aerox 3 mouse, with its programmable buttons, gives you the opportunity to map hotkeys to buttons. Our recommendation is to map melee and flashbang to the two thumb buttons (4 & 5). You want to hit what you are aiming at and throw that flashbang where you are looking, just remember to look away before it is too late.

This not only streamlines your gameplay by letting you quickly perform these actions, but also provides a natural integration with the game, enhancing your overall performance.

Dual Actuation

Quick tip: Set up dual actuation on the Apex Pro keyboard for walk/run with a single key.

walk/run dual actuation example

The Apex Pro keyboard takes your gaming to the next level with its unique dual actuation feature. This allows you to bind two different functions to two different actuation levels on our Omnipoint key switches. Imagine being able to walk and run, or equip and use, all from a single key! This feature can be a game-changer in CS2, allowing you to perform multiple actions quickly and efficiently.

Hear Them Before They Hear You Coming

Quick tip: Use Sonar presets for CS:GO (until we get some CS2 presets in there for you).

Sound plays a crucial role in CS2. Our Arctis Nova Pro Wireless gives you an excellent noise canceling mic so you can communicate effectively with your teammates and has active noise cancelation so you can focus on the game. The headset can also take full advantage of existing CS:GO Sonar presets, developed by Valve and top Counter-Strike professional player FaZe Twistzz.

Screenshot of Valve and FaZe Twistzz Sonar preset options

These presets adjust the equalizer to highlight key gameplay aspects, giving you a competitive edge by allowing you to pick up on important audio cues. You can try out the different presets in the Configuration drop-down in Sonar, or customize it until it is perfect for you.

Sonar FPS Footsteps Preset Equalizer screenshot

Want More?

Want to practice your aim without tanking your ELO? Try out our 3D Aim Trainer and read our CS:GO tips for improvement.

If you are looking for hand-picked gear that we think is perfect for CS2, then check out CS2 gear recommendations we made just for you.

And that is not all. Check back soon for more updates on how we can help you rank up. GLHF.

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