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Top Cosplay Makeup for Beginners

Looking to level up your Cosplay Makeup? We’ve got the tips you need to become an expert in no time.

Makeup can be a daunting tool, especially if you have never used it before. For cosplayers, it is an integral part of your costume and a way to completely change yourself. Want to learn how to transform into your favorite game hero or anime antagonist? Keep reading to learn more about our top makeup tips for Cosplay beginners.

1. Always Prep Your Face

Make up for cosplay

Preparing your skin is key. This includes ensuring your face is washed and moisturized. Now that you have a clean moisturized canvas, your foundation should go on smoother and last longer. Painting your body? This basic tip still applies.

2. Know Your Skin Type and Undertone

Do you primarily have oily or dry skin? Maybe you have combination skin with oily or dry patches in certain areas. Knowing your skin type can help you understand what products will help you achieve a

flawless look for photos and events. If you have dry skin, try foundations with a dewy or natural finish. Matte foundations work great for oily or combo skin.

Knowing your undertone is just as important as knowing your skin type. Matching your undertone to your foundation will help the product blend in to give you more of a skin-like finish. If you are unsure of what undertone you have, you can check by looking at your veins. Blue-purple veins usually indicate a cooler undertone while blue-green veins can mean you have a neutral undertone. Green veins suggest a warm undertone.

Make up tips

3. Invest in a Primer and Setting Spray

Primers and setting sprays include ingredients that can help seal your look. When choosing a primer, check the packaging to understand if it is a silicon or water-based product. Silicon primers should only be used with a silicon-based foundation and water-based primers should only be used with water-based foundations. This will help you avoid any makeup separating throughout the day.

4. Use Contouring and Highlighting Techniques

Contouring and highlighting emphasize shadows and light to exaggerate certain facial features or create new ones entirely. Study who you are trying to re-create. Do they have a smaller nose? Chiseled chin? These features can be achieved with this technique!

Reach for contour products that have cool tones to keep your skin from looking ashy or grey, and layer powder products over any cream products for longer lasting looks.

Make up tips

5. Glue is Your Best Friend

From gluing eyelashes on, horns, wigs, gems and prosthetics, glue can be an extremely effective tool to use. Elmer’s non-toxic glue sticks are widely used in the process of hiding eyebrows. This allows a cosplayer to create new eyebrows to closely match who they are emulating. Remember, prep is key! Wash your face to allow for a better stick.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Makeup can be a fun way to express yourself. Experimenting with different techniques and products can help you perfect your new look. Don’t be afraid to mix pigments or find different uses for your blush or eyebrow pencil. The possibilities are endless!

The world of cosplay and makeup is constantly evolving! Be patient and kind to yourself as you start your new journey, and remember makes perfect. As always, GLHF!

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