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Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Warcraft Rumble has been off to a hot start, and we're enjoying the newest mobile game from Blizzard. As we venture further and further, we thought it would be good to compile an agreeable tier list.

Warcraft Rumble is similar to Crash Royale, but follows different rules and has its own units. They're divided into various classes, such as artillery, suprirse, groups, siege, flying, and so on. Having a diverse set is and placing them smartly is key to winning battles.

Some minis or units are better than others, and you need to figure that out early in order to know which ones to invest. Check out the Warcraft Rumble tier list before to find out which ones you should be putting time and effort into in order to win more easily.

Warcraft Rumble Tier List

These comprehensive tier lists have been evaluated on several qualities: performance in both PvE and PvP content, equipped with talents, flexibility, survivability, mobility, supporting, and damage outputs. So overall, the minis in the SS category will excel at those aspects, outperforming other units by a significant margin. You don't have to run just the SS tier ones to win, but these will certainly give you an edge.

Warcraft Rumble Best Units

Tier list Warcraft Rumble

Tier List from Reddit by

The above is the list of the absolute best minis (SS category) followed by the secondary ones (S tier). With these, your victory is more assured. Baron, whom I'm running now, is quite amazing, as he can summon skeletons in every lane and even sacrifice them to fully heal.

I've witnessed Flamewakers first against me in one of the rounds; they have a wave of fire that clears all units. It's extremely powerful. Sylvanas is able to take over an enemy unit after she dies.

Warcraft Rumble Secondary Best Units

Tier List Warcraft Rumble

Tier List from Reddit by

Don't bother running anything from the C category, it's just not great. Blizzard is probably the best spell in the game right now. I'm running Undead with Plague Farmer, who absolutely destroys bosses or buildings with its poison. The AOE from him is very good. I'm using Ghouls, but they don't seem that good; they often fall behind and easily get killed despite their ability to eat corpses to regenerate.

You also have to consider the cost to summon with these units, so while Skeleton Party is better than Skeletons, they cost 4 instead of 2. If you're running only high cost units, it will be hard to summon them and respond to enemy threats. Definitely run 1 spell in your army.

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