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Where To Preorder PS5: Consoles, Games, Accessories

Now that Sony has officially revealed release and pricing information about the PS5, it's time to go out and claim yours while the getting is good!

After what seemed like an eternity, Sony has finally announced both a release date and pricing information for the upcoming PlayStation 5. What's more, it's up for preorder at a variety of retailers now!

If you missed out on the final PlayStation 5 Showcase ahead of the official console release, Sony finally dropped all the information we've been waiting for ever since the console was announced.

You can expect to pay $499,99 for the PlayStation 5 with a disc drive, and $399,99 for a PlayStation 5 All-Digital Edition, without a disc drive. Those prices are in line with the Xbox Series X, and the consoles are hitting shelves on November 12.

Now, it's time to jump on a preorder if you want to secure your own console by the time the PS5s hit store shelves. We've got everything you need to know right here about the PS5's release on this fall and where you can currently preorder one (or more!) for yourself.

Where to preorder a PlayStation 5 right now

The PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controller.Kaynak: PlayStation

Preorders for the PlayStation 5 are officially live now, and you should be able to track one down at the retailer of your choice.

Right now, things are a bit difficult to nab a system, however, and you may find that you have to try over and over both to find a system in stock and to add it to your cart.

The best thing you can do for now in addition to checking various different retailers is continue to refresh your favorite site from time to time to see what's in stock. You may get lucky – though there are more systems seemingly being added on and off.

The two versions of PlayStation 5 side by side with price and comparisons.Kaynak: PlayStation

Where to Preorder PlayStation 5

Where to Preorder PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Right now, Walmart is expecting additional systems to drop on its website and in Walmart stores on September 22, in both editions. You'll have to keep checking back if you want to snag a system. Additionally, it looks like Amazon has yet to stock the Digital Edition just yet.

These are the only retailers that appear to have links to preorder right now, but there are more stores expected to start stocking the PlayStation 5 soon. We'll keep this page up to date with all of the best places currently available for you to snag a PlayStation 5.

Good luck out there, and happy shopping!

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Did you snag a PS5 already? Talk about all the games you plan on buying over at the official SteelSeries Discord server while you wait for its release!