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Why Did This Gaming Speaker Sell Out of Stock?

We're making (sound)waves with a new category on SteelSeries — gaming speakers.

We're filling out a niche with a brand new category. Not everyone wants to contain immersive gaming sounds just to their ears. Many are more comfortable with sound enveloping their space, whether it's in their office, bedroom, or living room.

At one point, as I was looking around our website, I glanced at the Arena 3 speaker page. And I discovered this:

Gaming speakers sell out date.

I asked one of my coworkers, who is an Arena specialist, "hey, what's the deal? Is there an issue?" Nope, no issues at all. The Arena 3 simply sold out.

Why did the Arena 3 gaming speaker sell out?

The Arena 3 is a high-quality gaming speaker

Gaming Speaker features.

I think this reason speaks for itself. The SteelSeries Arena 3 has bigger speaker drivers than most gaming speakers out there. This enables them to produce accurate, high-quality audio across all ranges; from the delicate highs, the vibrant mids, to the deep and booming basses. The two speakers work in tandem to provide accurate and immersive surround sound.

You can also further enhance your Arena experience with Sonar Software, adjusting the sound to exactly how you like it. The 10-band Parametric EQ gives you total control over the audio.

Finish that off with a front-firing bass port — which helps enormously in lowering distortion against the back walls. Typical speakers sometimes have the bass port in the back, which means that the audio is most likely aimed at the wall behind them, but that's not the case with the Arena 3. Add an adjustable stand to create the optimal listening position for your room.

"The upgrade to my computer audio that I didn't realize I needed"

Gaming Speaker with Bluetooth.

The tagline above comes from a ShackNews review, which called them a huge upgrade and "delightful" (IGN put the Arena 7 on their "best gaming speaker" list, also). So you know that we aren't just singing our own praises, here.

Another big strength of these speakers is the ease of connectivity. The Arena 3's have two 3.5mm ports, which will get you working with practically any device that needs audio. It's that easy to attain a much more immersive sound for all the games you play.

However, another big feature is the Bluetooth. Want to command your room's Spotify playlist with your phone? There's nothing more convenient than that. The same goes for your tablet and Chromebook. Don't settle for the audio that comes with those devices; hear the difference yourself with the Arena 3 speakers. If you need to for some reason, you can mix the audio between both your PC and the Bluetooth device. We won't judge.

Lastly, the speakers have a port specifically for wired headsets. This way, you can have your favorite gaming headset plugged in the entire time, and then easily switch the audio output between the speakers and the headset. Soo comfy.

And yes, the Arena 3 is back in stock now. If it's not... click on that "Notify Me" button to snag yours in the future!

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