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PS4 Headsets

SteelSeries headsets for PS4 are the best gaming headsets on the market. Our unrivalled high fidelity audio offers the best gaming experience possible, delivering a competitive advantage over your opponents in any game heavily reliant on top quality sound. Whether you prefer a wired or wireless solution, SteelSeries headsets for PS4 will immerse you into the universe of your game. So browse our wide range of PS4 compatible headsets now, and discover why our amazing audio and studio quality microphones are the best choice for you.

Why SteelSeries PS4 Headsets are the Best Headsets

SteelSeries has built its reputation on creating great headsets which give you the best gaming experience out there. Whether unrivalled audio is your top priority, studio quality microphones, or maybe a robust build and comfort is important to you, SteelSeries gaming headsets should be your number one choice. We always have gamers in mind when designing our headsets, and our PS4 compatible headsets are no exception. We develop and test our headsets in close collaboration with professional e-sports gamers, in order to not only create a headset that allows you to be fully immersed into your game, but also gives you that competitive edge to beat your opponents. SteelSeries gaming headsets are designed to be extra comfortable, and we always use top quality materials for the best on-ear experience, so they’re ideal for long gaming sessions. We also use strong, long-lasting batteries in our wireless and PS4 headsets, so they’re perfect to take to your LAN party or if you’re planning an all night gaming session.

High Quality Audio for the Best Experience

Sound is the very essence of a great gaming headset. You can’t immerse yourself into your game if the audio sounds like it’s coming from a tin can. Our PS4 headsets feature Hi-Res audio up to 40.000 Hz in the Arctis Pro - nearly double the capability of most standard headsets. SteelSeries headsets are the first ever gaming headsets to use DTS Headphone:X v2.0 which gives you accurate positional audio cues. These specifications combined deliver many nuances to the sound effects, immersing you into the gaming universe, making you feel like you’re living the game, and giving you a competitive advantage over your opponents in sound reliant games like Battlefield and Fortnite. The surround sound experience will never leave you in doubt as to where your enemies are, and in most cases will allow you to hear them before they hear you.

The Best Microphone in Gaming

There’s nothing worse than having a teammate who sounds like they’re speaking from the highway during rush hour. It causes bad communication and inaccurate calls, inevitably leading to wrong decisions and wrong moves. We don’t think poor sound should cost you a single match, and our ClearCast microphone ensures this never happens. ClearCast is widely recognized as the best microphone in gaming, due to its studio quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation. This bi-directional microphone captures your voice like a laser, and will make it sound richer, louder and more defined. With our PS4 compatible headset, you’ll be able to make the slickest in-game calls - your voice will always be clear and precise, so you’ll never be misunderstood.

Reviews of our PS4 Headsets

Our PS4 headsets are widely acknowledged as the best headsets out there. Here’s just a small selection of the many reviews of SteelSeries headsets.

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