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Two soldiers navigate an icy landscape as they approach an ice covered shipwreck. Text reads "operation black ice" and "limited edition".

Six Siege x SteelSeries

Get your hands on the elusive Black Ice. This exclusive collection fuses the icy beauty of the legendary skin with SteelSeries’ top performance-driven products, designed to win.

Prime: Black Ice Edition

Limited edition tournament-grade gaming mouse cloaked in the coveted Black Ice skin. Every aspect of the Prime mouse was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: Kazanmak.

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Performance Thumbsticks: Black Ice Edition

Limited edition KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks with an original, ergonomic design inspired by the iconic Black Ice skin to ensure you always keep your cool by providing exceptional grip and control.

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QcK Heavy XXL: Black Ice Edition

Limited edition cloth gaming mousepad with panoramic Black Ice design. Limitless tracking space provides maximum coverage for all your mouse movements during combat.


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